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This section highlights creative pieces crafted by the writers of Spare Rib.

nyina wav2.png

Nyina Wa
by Migwi Mwangi


The Rift
by Eda Naz Gokdemir

HowToSurvive4 (1)_edited.jpg

How to Survive the End of the World
by Maanasi Shyno

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 11.54_edited.png

Imaginary Friends

by Serena Suson

Pure Americana_figures_williams.PNG

Pure Americana

by Serena Suson

lovely wreck_milanne.png

Lovely Wreck

by Ella Grim

Her body and other parties_suit lady_williams.PNG

Her Body and Other Parties

by Elaine Mei



by Sophia Gregorace


The Contract

by Ana Noriega Olazabal


A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

by Alexandra Salyer

sensation anne johnakin (1).png

The Dial's Stuck at 11

by Anne Johnakin

Meditations on grief 3.jpeg

Meditations on Grief: A Collective Elegy

by Sabrina Eager, Ishika Jha, Esme Lee, & Reva Dixit

Eight Variations on Silence - main art piece.png

Eight Variations on Silence

by Ella Grim

hayden_article_artwork (2).png

a walk around campus

by Hayden Elrafei

Untitled - November 2, 2021 22.00.54.png


by Anonymous


A Gentleman's Pledge

by Serena Suson & Sadie Weil

Ode to Male Historians Gregorace.png

Ode to the Male Historians

by Ari Rojas

Devolve Peach (no bruise).png

Devolve, Then Disavow

by Anonymous


Playlist 21X: This is Not a Sex Playlist

by Jen Capriola, Elaine Mei, & Abby Burrows

clouds 2.jpg

Cloud Poem

by Anonymous

haze cat curl.PNG


by Caty Brown

Image from iOS.jpg

Playlist 21S: Them Changes

by Jen Capriola, Elaine Mei, & Abby Burrows

Vignettes_ Waiting.png

Tiny Moments in Transition

by Maya Khanna

Image by Maria Oswalt


by Maanasi Shyno


Miss July Grew Older

by Caty Brown

apple poem art 2.png

Apple Poem

by Sophie Williams

ana river stars.PNG

Collection of poems

by Ana Lucía Noriega Olazábal

Unburn a Candle.png

How to Unburn a Candle

by Amanda Sun


Tiny Breaths of Love

by Maya Khanna

breathing SE LA title 2.png

Breathing in Southeast Los Angeles

by Jimena Perez and Irina Sandoval

outbound train station.png


by Jaymie Wei

by THE FLIGHTLESS ARTIST by ourselves.png

Playlist 21W: By Ourselves / A letter to my younger self

by Abby Burrows and Elaine Mei

Orange Clouds

Pixelated Dream Sequence

by Amanda Sun

Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț


by Jaymie Wei


Tiny Love Stories from Quarantine

by Maya Khanna