Levitating Books


(Bare Bones)

This section explores the context and history behind the most pressing issues of our time.


Hot Girl Summer Guide to STIs

by KT Goyette

Cut Peaches

The Clit, Revisited

by Anne Johnakin

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by Sophie Williams

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The Distortion of Distraction

by Arielle Morris

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Consuming Women

by Katherine Arrington

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Holding our Breath for Climate Policy

by Penelope Spurr

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Suffocating: The Stigmas of Mental Illness

by Arielle Morris

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The Breath and The Body

by Caty Brown

Image by LSE Library

Unlearn What Your Racist History Teacher Taught You: Suffragette Edition

by Sarah Storms


Woman or Womxn?

by Jamie Tatum

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Culture 101: Appropriation

by Maanasi Shyno

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Sex & Gender 101: Sex Spectrum

by Maanasi Shyno