A collection of poems by Ana Noriega

By Ana Noriega

Art by Sophie Williams

Note from the Author: The songs included at the bottom of each poem are meant to work as music that represents the mood and intent of the piece. Feel free to either play them in the background or listen to them after reading—either way is okay! :)

Memento Vivere

carbonated sunflower following

the weeping air of mother’s soup

boiling caramel embrace

floods abandoned buildings

(paintings that survived the fire

fleeing mice down the subway)

eyes pour a flowing lake

my ocean pulse, a children’s song

Antahuara move my feet,

cannabiniccious melt

(rumination cycling drip over my body

the showers that cerebrally in)

a dream?

many days extend lucidity

words of fleeting dreamscapes

extend to bleeding ears

Trae más sal, hijita.”

Stagnation & Fugue

My fourteen-year old body

emerges dressed in military badge—

a wounded child crawls to Sunday;

Broken tendon, twisted bone

Lysergic radiance

from every fingernail.


Wormy status quo ...

Wishing for a beach house

As I dig a backyard pool;

But impotence breeds gratitude,

From every black stroke

On my healing eyelids

The windows now have water teeth (like the poet once said)

projecting colors upon pavement

little waterdrop on my hair;

Industrial column going home

Grips the monorail,

Sweeps to sweeter dreams.

Anti-Academic Trilingual Reflections on a Passage from Karl Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

“Communism is the positive supersession of private property as human self-estrangement (and hence the true appropriation of the human essence)”

-Karl Marx

Is the positive supersession of colonialism

aufheben of a Spanish tongue

yaqa hatun mayukta kutii.

Is the villages peeking beyond the eucalyptus

Y las eternas punas heladas

Para llegar al puquial del viajero.

Es un Santiago, wanka waylaśhmi kan

Exploding passions and breathing lands,

The negative destruction of the apocalypse;

The positive construction of a new world.