Foggy Forest

Unpacking the Republican Panel


Reactions to the Dartmouth Republican’s “Future of the Republican Party” panel and student responses.

By Maanasi Shyno, Ana Noriega Olazábal, & Sophie Williams

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Going For Gold: A Mental Health Crisis of Olympic Proportions


From the Post-Olympic Blues to financial hurdles, The Weight of Gold reveals the vast mental health struggles that many Olympians face in their pursuit for gold.

By Caroline Balick

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On the Khan-Muñoz ticket’s sanctions by EPAC 


Sanction and temporary suspension of Student Assembly candidates underlines the election process.

By Sophie Williams


The Future the Right Wants


Nativism, fascism, and white nationalism touted by Dartmouth Republican’s “Future of the Republican Party” panelists were met with student protest and resistance — but the event attests to Dartmouth’s commitment to reactionary conservatism.

By Maanasi Shyno, Ana Noriega Olazábal, & Sophie Williams


Student Reactions to Final Investigation of PhD Student’s Sexual Harassment Allegation


This article covers the results of the Final Investigation Report and a discussion about campus reactions. This discussion digs into what these reactions may say about Dartmouth undergraduate attitudes towards feminism and sexual assault and harassment.

By Maanasi Shyno

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A Meditation on Lorde: A Letter of Healing to Our Campus


Hayden Elrafei offers an initial reaction to recent far-right propaganda cropping up on our campus.

By Hayden Elrafei


Rocky Event: The First 100 Days: The Biden Presidency (A non-informative review)


These first hundred days have been a hundred days that we expected and received.

By Sophie Williams