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This section covers all ‘zine topics that don’t fit within clear labels or categories.


Podcast Review: Hormonal

By Sophie Williams


Which of the Dartmouth 7 Are You?

By Sophie Williams

spare thoughts reclining sorry i couldn'

Spare Thoughts

By Caty Brown


Interview with Diana Whitney

Conducted & transcribed by Kiera Bernet

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Podcast Review: [citation needed]

by Sophie Williams

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Podcast Review: Blowback

by Sophie Williams

Image by Bannon Morrissy


by Sheen Kim

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Podcast Review: Hormonal

by Sophie Williams

Image by Thought Catalog

Spare Thoughts: 20F Edition

by Caty Brown and Jessica Cheng

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Personality Quiz: What Dartmouth Library Are You?

by Sophie Williams

Image by Patrick Tomasso


by Amber Bhutta