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(Chopping Block)

This section serves as a platform for opinions and expression by marginalized student voices.

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Mommy and Me: A Black Mother’s Reflection on 50 Years of Co-Education
by Dylan Dunson

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Finally F*cking Feminine
by Wynn Johnson


The Feminist Monolith: On Purpose and Identity
by Serena Suson

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Aiding and Abetting Abortion

by Grace Hillery


Love Story

by Zeynep Bayirtepe

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An Intersectional Queer Critique of Bros

by Samrit Mathur


The Railroad Strike: A Feminist Cause Worth Defending

by Norah Valderrama


The State of Pop Music Today: Why Many Artists Don’t Make Albums Anymore

by Ari Morris


Graham Puts On Another Crisply-Ironed Black Shirt

by Ana Lucia Noriega


In Rough Waters: The Turning Tide Against Depp

by Ana L. Noriega Olazábal


No, But Really: What is a Woman?

by Norah Valderrama and Sasha Tedesco

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Biden's Brand-New Essential-Oil Supplements

by Ana L. Noriega Olazábal and Sophie S. Williams

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by Joe Fausey


Half Out​

by Vita & Talia


Review of Season 2 of Netflix's Mexican Thriller: Dark Desire

by Irina Sandoval


On Love and Its (Un)Conditionality

by Katherine Arrington

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Anna Christie and the Feminist Horror of Fractured Desire

by Serena Suson

The Privilege of Care in Death_landscape_Sarah Berman_edited.jpg

The Privilege of Care In Death: How Racism Manifests in the Dartmouth Cemetery Project

by Sabrina Eager

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on melancholia

by Sanjana Raj

only murders in the magazine_tv_milanne_edited.png

Only Murders in the Magazine: How True Crime Haunts Our Culture

by Raegan Boettcher

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Collusion For Exclusion? An Exploration of Dartmouth's Financial Aid Practices

by Abigail Bordelon and Ari Morris

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Why Didn't I Speak Up?

by Izzy Squier

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Cross-Cultural Affections

by Michaela Gregoriou

policies off our bodies_MOUTH.png

Policies Off Our Bodies

by Zoe McGuirk


Of Madonnas and Whores

by Alexandra Salyer

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Hot for Teacher

by Abby Bordelon and Eliza Holmes


Diversity and Gender Roles in The Bachelor

by Anushka Bhatia


Twilight of Sex

by Aoibheann Holland

Growing pains dumbbell.png

Growing Pains

by Maddy Spivak

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Life After Breath

by Sabrina Eager

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Seeing Ourselves

by Samantha Locke

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WAP: Feminist Analysis and Reflections

by Abby Burrows

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Fast Fashion: Slow Down and Breathe

by Bella Dunbar

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Breathing Room

by Anne Johnakin

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In Defense of Guilty Pleasures

by Elaine Mei

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CTRL: Audre Lorde, SZA, and Discovering the Erotic Within Us All

by Abby Burrows

Mature Man Having Fun

After "What Single People Are Starting to Realize"

by Anne Johnakin

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A Reflection on My TikTok Experience

by Grace Lu

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