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This section serves as a platform for opinions and expression by marginalized student voices.


Of Madonnas and Whores

by Alexandra Salyer

hot for teacher cover.PNG

Hot for Teacher

by Abby Bordelon and Eliza Holmes


Diversity and Gender Roles in The Bachelor

by Anushka Bhatia


Twilight of Sex

by Aoibheann Holland

Growing pains dumbbell.png

Growing Pains

by Maddy Spivak

life after breath2.png

Life After Breath

by Sabrina Eager

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Seeing Ourselves

by Samantha Locke

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WAP: Feminist Analysis and Reflections

by Abby Burrows

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Fast Fashion: Slow Down and Breathe

by Bella Dunbar

breathing room 1.PNG

Breathing Room

by Anne Johnakin

guilty pleasures1.png

In Defense of Guilty Pleasures

by Elaine Mei

spare rib music sexuality-01.png

CTRL: Audre Lorde, SZA, and Discovering the Erotic Within Us All

by Abby Burrows

Mature Man Having Fun

After "What Single People Are Starting to Realize"

by Anne Johnakin

chloe j.png

A Reflection on My TikTok Experience

by Grace Lu