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This section analyzes and grapples with what it means to live with a marginalized identity.

Deceptive Perfections Cover.jpg

Deceptive Perfections

by Caroline Balick


Comp Het: A Memoir

by Sabrina Eager


Pleasure is a Rebellion: Ruminations for Healing

by Kim Artham


The Centering of Sex

by Anonymous

why i can't 21x chest.PNG

Why I Can't Watch Lesbian Porn (As a Lesbian Woman)

by Anonymous

grief painting.PNG

Growing Through Grief

by Caroline Balick


At Odds With Femininity

by Katherine Arrington

KT1 (1).jpg

Notes from the Field: Branching Out from STEM

by KT Goyette

Stripes full.png

Earning My Tiger Stripes: An Exploration of My Relationship with Body Positivity

by Raegan Boettcher


Loving Women in Love

by Sabrina Eager

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Sprinting a Marathon: Hustle Culture in Student Life

by Maanasi Shyno


Meditations on Yoga

by Jen Capriola

chain gang w orange.png

Impoverished to Imprisoned: The Prison System in the Mississippi Delta

by Caty Brown

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Inclusivity in the DOC: Who's Allowed in the Outdoors?

by Abby Burrows and Veronica Abreu


Perceptions of Social Justice Movements and the Media

by Anahita Kodali


Unintentional Exclusion: Damage of the Disability Metaphor

by Sabrina Eager