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Who We Are

Spare Rib was first founded in 1992 to inspire dialogue about the progression of women’s issues at Dartmouth. The newspaper aimed to examine all avenues of the feminine identity at Dartmouth and highlight persisting problems women faced following co-education.


Twenty-five years later, our goal of exploring intersectional feminist issues continues, now reflecting a movement that has changed considerably since 1995. We are re-establishing Spare Rib to discuss the struggles and achievements of people marginalized by the traditionally centered narrative at Dartmouth and beyond.

What We Do

Our magazine features multiple aspects of the uncensored Dartmouth existence through humor and critique. We welcome students from all different backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

What We Believe

In the second chapter of the Christian Genesis, God created Eve from Adam’s ‘spare’ rib to be his companion. We present a different story, one in which we are not an after-thought companion, a meal, or leftovers. We are people with struggles that deserve to be recognized, perspectives that deserve to be voiced, and strengths that deserve to be celebrated.

The views and opinions expressed in Spare Rib are those of individual authors and not necessarily reflective of the zine, writers, or staff as a whole, nor represented as wholly complete or correct information, nor intended to disparage any group or individual.

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