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Imaginary Friends

By Serena Suson

Art by Sabrina Eager

Yesterday in 2015

We sang in a bedroom

More home than my own

There we are


Learning Riptide on ukuleles

I watch the video back

Like it’s the first time I’m filming it

I listen to the music we put together by chance

When the wind whipped past our eyes

I lie down in it

Recount my drive

The tears I couldn’t hold

Like those stars falling from the sky

Five years nearing seven

It’s miraculous I can’t forget it

When I told them nothing

And their voices are the ones I most remember

My friends, my friends

In my heart we’re there unblemished

Protective of our happiness

Because we’ve had the chance to taste it

We’re there forever

In the good old days

Assured more than life itself

We’ll be in each other’s weddings

I leave it to them

Don’t let them know

That they’re still kids

Because they’re kids

I tuck them in

Leaving on the song that lasts ‘til 4 am

Its peace playing softly

Into some known nuptial hymn

As the candles flicker

I blow one out

So it doesn’t melt away

In the darkness I feel twelve again

And in my blindness it makes sense

I set my vows and say my prayers

I fall asleep beside them


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