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Quiz: Which Dartmouth Library Are You?

By Sophie Williams

At Foco before your 9A — what’s your cereal?

a. Lucky Charms. As magical as waking up early.

b. Honey-Nut Cheerios. Boring but sweet.

c. Fruit Loops. And oat milk!

d. Oatmeal. Energy source like no other.

e. Golden Grahams. An unsung hero.

f. Anything with yoghurt.

A plate of rice; add two things.

a. Tofu and broccoli

b. Salt and butter

c. Chicken and soy sauce

d. Fried egg and spam

e. Plantain and black beans

f. Dhaal and red onions

Snow! What’s your boots uniform?

a. L.L. Bean

b. Carhartt

c. Dr. Martens

d. Blundstones

e. Timberlands

f. Tennis shoes

Morning drink?

a. Oat milk latte

b. Cold water

c. Orange juice

d. Green tea

e. Black coffee

f. Smoothie

Pick a hue.

a. Blue

b. Red

c. Orange

d. Purple

e. Green

f. Yellow

Declare your major/minor!

a. Economics (Snake.)

b. Political Science/History

c. Music/Performing Arts

d. Psychology/English

e. Biology/Neuroscience

f. Geography/Classics

Count the letter that you selected the most (e.g. mostly selected c: Sherman Art Library)


a. Baker-Berry! You can be two-faced, but your adaptability makes you widely likeable. (Yes, you’re popular.) You’re busy for twenty-three hours a day, but quiet time is well-cherished. Everyone knows your secrets.

b. Rauner Special Collections! You tend to ruminate on the past—reminiscing about good times, or revisiting screw-ups just before sleep. Reflection is good — be sure it shapes your present for the better, not traps you in a different time. You’re slow to anger but also to forgive.

c. Sherman Art Library! You might not’ve been labeled “quirky” yet, but with your energy, it’s inevitable. Your intellectual prowess sometimes descends into “snobby” territory, but you have a strong sense of humor. Sometimes you get in your own head and have trouble maintaining a steady connection, but your friends know where to find you.

d. Sanborn! You’re not as complex as you like to think — but don’t worry! You’re still compassionate, sincere, and absolutely wicked smart. You cherish a good nap (and you’re extremely good looking).

e. Dana Biomedical! You’re easily distracted and spend more time curating your study playlist than studying — but when it comes down to the wire, you can work fiendishly hard through the night. It can take time for others to approach you (and you rarely reach out first), but you’re a joy to know. Get some more sleep.

f. Top of the Hop. You’re not a library! That’s okay. You’re not what people expect at your first encounter, but you’re exciting on many levels.Your dependable love and support mean more to others than you know.


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