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Waning Crescent

by Rosa Lopez

art by Sophie Williams

29 days and some change

disappointment sets in, seeding in the crooks and crannies between my legs




A darkness crawls,

skin raises like pinpoints precisely pushing in

mapping outward spreading across the thickened surface of my thighs and surfing

to the top of my stomach,


into the crescent button that holds notions of life, knotted entwined


swashing in the tomb that is me,

swallowing the breath of a love past with the tinged taste of resentment.

There is a sweetness

rotting inside,

damping the air with floral disapproval,

an altruistic aroma weighs heavy from the fruits of me — your annual touch.

Feed off my bones

Consume me

Ingest apologies

The pressure shrouds, wrapping my remnants carefully in a lukewarm embrace of



p i e r c i n g

till there is a stillness of

dead heading affection — your love, an empty promise with hunger growing.


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