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The Medusa of Reciprocity

By: Chloe Cordasco

Art by: Shena Han

“Like a priest by a cowl,” blinded

That’s how and where I want you

all, and these are the terms of my

surrender if I am to continue walking

these streets and meadows where the

gold red leaves line my runway and I

continue on, with blessed dopamine,

waiting for my turn. it’s nearly disgusting

how I am adept by now at making

up love like a drum but now I’m writing

slow as Virgil but the love is on a tv

screen, it’s ok. no worries here darling,

no worries at all here pretty darling

not in the weeds pretty hardy and springing

up in the dead roads of the local

sanitorium, but it’s ok because

this is my home, i am Insanity Madness and

the Cure all in one, everything

outside is inside too and the insides belong

To the world. that’s what I wish they

would take, willingly. I want to share. [this is a period.]

and sharing means other words they do

not understand. I am not done yet.

Don’t Go Yet. How Can I Not Know What

I want, confident Comme des Garçons

for real, trust. better. Giving. I am


[at the very least, I will begin charging old men for perceiving me.


Sighing, I am as vain as I allow. Dance

better, sigh better, fly every chance

I get above alone the marshes where

reeds bend wind whistles she’s going.

Reeds and thighs dance better than

wood and stone beating death

Bending to the rhythm


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