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Solidarity with the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth in the fight for a $21 minimum wage!

Spare Rib stands in support of the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth in the fight for a $21 wage for student workers.

Student workers have been fighting for $21 an hour for over a year now. Despite hearing how a wage increase would improve the lives of student workers, the College has refused to recognize the value of this work. This week, in response, the Dartmouth administration offered the Student Worker Collective only $18.50 — a raise of a mere two quarters. This institution relies on the labor of student workers. The counter-proposal of $18.50 is an insult to this time and labor, including the vast effort the SWCD has put into bargaining over the past year.

Feminism calls for an end to inequality for all people everywhere. Intersectional feminist thought inherently struggles against the exploitation of workers, which traces the lines of and is directly built on race, gender, economic class, abled-ness, and all other social divisions. Spare Rib believes that student workers must be protected and paid a fair wage, and supports all efforts of the SWCD. Raising the base wage for student workers to $21 an hour is marginal to Dartmouth, but makes a material difference in the lives of the students Dartmouth relies on. Spare Rib calls upon the College to meet the demands of the Student Worker Collective and grant student workers the wage they deserve!

In solidarity,

Spare Rib

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