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Pixelated Dream Scene

By Amanda Sun

Is that my eyes or the screen? Either way something's - oh wait

Wait a sec can't miss this text

Ring snap click tap

I still have work - I can work




Of text

(I’m tapping my feet)

“Yes, I agree with what you’ve said.”

(Darting to TikTok)

“What do you think about this?”

(And my eyes are blinking over NYT LIVE HEADLINES)

“Uh, oh yes that sounds good.”

(And back in my hands)

Life fits inside screens

Pixelated dream scenes

Refresh for new drugs

I start to use my middle and ring finger to double tap because I'm afraid of old age


Me I swipe, type and like

I like you, everything!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh! So great! : )

But not my life it’s same

I went to vsco China, a bowl of noodles shared by 188 friends, summer 2018 Shibuya

so I do feel I am different!

Different in brain not body

No changes to my neck

I’m still me after this trip.

Is my camera off?

Deleted text

"Sorry, gotta run to my next zoom. Talk to you soon!"

("where half the screen is muted tiktok and the other contains a shopping bag full of pixels")


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