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Momentary Halo

by Noelle Blake

art by Ruth Brior

“How rare,” they say

Heads tilted in awe

They point their cameras 

and fingers 

reach out as if to touch…

Pull back, applaud instead

For a few seconds,

with special glasses,

They leer at the moon before the Sun,

bravely overtaking

its glaring adversary

For a few seconds.

But the moon must return

to her place, where she belongs

Waiting, watching

A mere vessel for the Sun to beam

through her pores

In her brief moment of  glory

she stands proudly

dark and defiant against

the Sun’s brutal kiss 


she thinks to herself,

ignoring the pointed heat


down on her back

How long can it last?

She begs the Sun 

for one more moment

But a rock will always pale

In the light of a blazing Star

Earth stands by

waiting for the fire

to push the moon into the margins

A stranger in the sky

Don’t worry

They’ll applaud her as she goes

And thank her for her bravery.


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