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a bath of ink

by Kate Ginger

art by Sophia Gregorace

stretches before me,

shrinking the scenery,

sublimating, so the haze rises

against the stark sky

and i’ve never felt so small.

smaller still,

when ink sloshes onto my board

soaking my legs and feet

chilling me to the bone

then receding into the well of ink

that mirrors an invisible night sky.

and i’m reminded of the dark

dappled by waterlilies,

they glow, unblinking, among lilypads

whose tendrils twist and twirl,

reaching into the ink, unafraid.

and i wonder if i might be swallowed.

still, i leap.

the frothy ink washes through

my hair, my eyes, my mouth

rattling my teeth and wrenching my gut

yet i bob to the surface

and i float, unstained.


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