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22X Edition: Fracture

Brick Building Graffiti

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.RIB section

Online ExclusiveS


This section explores the context and history behind the most pressing issues of our time.

Image by Max Letek

This section serves as a platform for opinions and expression by marginalized student voices.

Image by Harry Cunningham

This section analyzes and grapples with what it means to live with a marginalized identity.

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

This section highlights creative pieces crafted by the writers of Spare Rib.

Image by Jon Tyson

This section covers all zine topics that don’t fit within clear labels or categories.

Image by Jason Leung


Image by Tim Mossholder

Spare Rib was first founded in 1992 to inspire dialogue about the progression of women’s issues at Dartmouth College. This feminist publication aimed to examine all avenues of the feminine identity at Dartmouth and highlight persisting problems women faced following co-education.


We want to re-establish Spare Rib as an intersectional feminist zine to discuss the struggles and achievements of people marginalized by the traditionally centered narrative at Dartmouth and beyond. Our magazine will feature multiple aspects of the uncensored Dartmouth existence through stories, articles, and editorials.


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